The Gentry Underground

No Class has been keeping an eye on The Gentry Underground for a while now. What was first a White Stripes style-2 piece is now a more regular 4 piece line-up comprising Zac Skinner (vocals), Dan Hutchins (guitar), Samuel Rivers (bass) and Sam Yardley (drums). What follows is Sam Yardley talking to No Class.

Jan 12

What kind of reaction has the 7" had?

The reaction to the 7” has been good. We’ve recently just got another 150 pressed and ready to distribute. All the feedback I’ve heard seems to have had positive vibes. Strangely enough there has been requests from Australia, the US and Slovakia. We’ve managed to get it into loads of record stores including Norman Records and Piccadilly Records. Unfortunately there’s been no attention from any record labels or distributors; however we’ve managed to get ourselves a gig in Southampton - at the Joiners - supporting the American Rough Trade band Howler next Wednesday, which we hope will get us a little publicity.

Does the internet make it easier to promote the band?

It helps in the sense that it’s an easy way to connect with a fan-base and conduct interviews although we would much rather do those things face to face.

Is your album finished?

We’ve started to record the album, and so far it’s going good. The recordings are reminiscent of Velvet Underground and Doors albums so we’re very happy with the sound. We reckon that the album should be ready to release for the beginning of summer, given we find ourselves a distributor of some sort.

Who writes the songs?

We all have our parts to play in the creative process in order to get the coolest sounding songs: Zac tends to have control of everything lyrical-wise whereas Dan writes most of the riffs.

Do you cover anyone else's songs?

We tend to keep to playing original material. Maybe we might play a cover or two one day if we find a song we all like and it suits our style, but in general we much prefer keeping it original.

What influence does your geographical location have on your sound?

Unfortunately we don’t seem to be an area where there is a big music scene, but we are slowly working our way out of the town that spawned The Libertines - Whitchurch - so there is hope for us yet.
I can only describe our live sound like Hendrix meets The Cramps. It sounds like a dark Woodstock and it sounds fucking crazy. With all our songs we are trying to bring in that old-school, gritty, in-your-face 60s vibe that seems to be missing from the modern music scene.

Tell us about the type of instruments, gear and effects pedals you use.

We use strictly analogue recording equipment in order to get the sound we want. Aside from that we tend to use whatever we get our hands on: guitars that look cool, amps that sound sweet and microphones that can take a beating.

Are there any good bands we should know about?

We’re all big fans of a local Lo-Fi act known as Keel Her. Everybody needs to check out her song ‘Riot Grrl’.

**the end**

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