Dan Melchior

Dan Melchior

Dan Melchior is an English born, North Carolina, U.S, resident writing and playing the sort of angular and discordant punk that you might associate with Billy Childish. Dan has released stacks of records, some utilising the moniker Broke Revue. This is what he had to say.

Feb 07

1. I loved Oldtime-Futureshock, but am less keen on Bitterness, Spite, Rage and Scorn. I haven't heard any of your other stuff. Discuss.

Well, I'm glad to hear you're a fan! I suspect you'd dislike my other records a lot more than you dislike Bitterness as they stray even further from the highly derivative blues sound I was peddling back in the early days.

2. Which three people would you invite for tea?

I'd probably invite three people I haven't seen for a long time whose names wouldn't mean much to anyone who hasn't met them. Let's see: Norman Roake, John Gibbs. Wait though, tell a lie, I wouldn't mind having a cup of tea with Eric Morecambe.

3. Where would you rather go, to the moon or the bottom of the sea, and why?

Bottom of the sea. I think it'd be a lot more interesting. They reckon less is known about the bottom of the sea than outer space, and besides I like marine life. Depends if you could guarantee me an alien if I went up there.

4. Which well known person do you always put on your guest list?

I live in Durham, North Carolina these days. There's not a great deal of 'well known' - in any international sense - people around here to put on a guest list.

5. Can you describe your music in terms of food?

The pork burrito available at 'La Vaquita' Taqueria, Chapel Hill Road, Durham, North Carolina says it all I think.

6. What do your family think of your music?

They don't really show any interest, though my Mum tries to care. She wanted me to be a painter, which hilariously would probably be one of the only things I could've pursued where I would've made less money than I have in music.

7. What's the weirdest place Broke Revue performed in and what was it like?

We didn't really play anywhere particularly weird. I suppose playing shows in huge theatres with Interpol was pretty weird because there was so many people in the audience, which we weren't really expecting.

8. Your covers EP "Andover, Duluth, London" is a 12" vinyl only release. What's your view on the vinyl / CD debate?

I buy both, but I don't really care to go on a crusade about saving vinyl. It all costs way more money than it should but as I grew up with records I have a sentimental attachment to them. Half the stuff I want these days is only on CD though, so that's what I get.
As far as that record goes, it's a 12" EP so it does actually sound great: more grooves at a higher speed and all that.

9. You've recorded a few covers versions. Is the favour being returned and do you see any royalties?

No. Most of the money I get comes from one of my songs - Creepin' Shakes from the album Heavy Dirt - being used on an MTV reality show.

10. What's your favourite punk rock song, and why?

Well, I like 'The Medium Was Tedium' by the Desperate Bicycles and 'Hearts in Exile' by the Homosexuals, but because he's the best 'punk' singer - in my opinion - and it's a real anthem, I'd have to opt for 'Action Time Vision' by Alternative TV.

11. You've played guitar with Alternative TV; can you share your experience of working with Mark Perry?

I enjoyed it a great deal. It was a lot of fun just talking about stuff, and I was very happy to find he had a very un stereotypical 'punk' take on stuff, something closer to the original - and totally misunderstood - spirit of punk I'd say.

12. What are you doing currently in terms of performing, recording and writing?

I've released a couple of 45s under the name Dan Melchior und Das Menace on which I play all the instruments, but I now have a three piece band based down here in NC. We went up to NY to play with Mudhoney and do a session of WFMU late last year, and we have a short tour coming up in the next couple of months as well as some recording.

**the end**

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