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July Manifesto (Finding the 8th Colour)

First published in Fook - a free underground art magazine available to download on the iphone.

The deal you make when you decide life is worth living is to accept the struggle it brings. And by continuing to exist you understand your life is worth no more or less than any other.

British society has blindly accepted its democracy being polluted by corrupt media barons, offered no resistance to its taxes to being syphoned off to stablise collapsed banks and has bled thousands of innocents in a cycle of oil wars justified by lies. This weakness and tolerance of domination and bondage supports the misguided belief that some lives are worth more than others.

Anger is the conscious choice to immediately stop the threatening behavior of an aggressive outside force. Anger is the result of being wronged or denied. In this fast-moving digital age of 24 hour news, itself creating news for tomorrow and with our every move under continual surveillance - our anger, channelled through art, becomes an energy that fuels cleansing fires.

As artists we become individual prisms that split the force of anger into an art that challenges, threatens, reflects, exposes, destroys, rebuilds, enhances and corrects. Our art is not a reaction to the past but a response to the present and prophesy for the future.

Our art can't be bought or sold as a commodity, it can only be seen, heard, felt and experienced. It is devoid of ornamentation and decoration because those affectations dilute. Our art has no commercial value, its value is in the making, feeling and seeing and in the change for good it causes. As soon as our art is defined it mutates and re-shapes.

Our art can only exist in context and in reaction to the hostile outside force that drove its creation. Once that external force has been terminated, our art also ceases to exist. What is left is a ghost.


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