Long Bone Trio

Long Bone Trio were formed by three chaps with a pedigree in underground UK music. Gary O'Connor played in the legendary 13th Chime: relatively unknown Gothic forefathers (check out their excellent retrospective CD on Sacred Bones). Robin Taylor came from Fire Department, a band who released some fine English psychedelia and Dave Middle played with Giantene who had a fine body of songs but never realised their full potential.

Oscar Flies in the Face of Reason / Fat Head, their first 7" black vinyl record, sees Long Bone Trio paying as much attention to atmosphere as to songwriting quality, and this approach makes the record a rare stand out success. Anyone who's heard 13th Chime will see the link. This is a band that's using the studio to enhance and compliment its sound, instead of utilising that crisp clinical production we so often hear. Chainey Pieces, their debut CD album is now available.

Chainey Pieces CD

Chainey Pieces is one of today's secrets: a film soundtrack waiting for the film, but these chaps are not doing things by halves. The songs is the foundation, the sound is built on top. This album is about atmospheres, darkness, etc, and it deserves the time it requires. Comparisons are lazy, but if you think of what Gallon Drunk were at the outset, you're on the right track. It's noisy but it's rocking too.

Sept 08

What kind of reaction has the 7" had?

It has been positive, but we haven't sold many yet. We knew it wouldn't be easy but we liked the idea that if people really wanted to hear it, they would have to get themselves a turntable. We also see a record as an object far more collectable and desirable than a CD or download could ever be.

Have you had much international feedback?

Yes, we have sold a few to the US and a New York record shop has also taken several. A couple have gone to Russia and Germany and the 1978 Radio Show in Portugal has requested a copy.

Who do you see as your contempories, in terms of live gigs?

Until recently that would have been difficult to answer but we did a gig with a teenage band from Bury St Edmunds called Thee Vicars - check them out they're wild - and some guys call Beast with a Gun, from Great Yarmouth, and a crazy trio from London town called Atomic Suplex. I guess you could categorise these bands as a new wave of 60s influenced garage-punk. We still aren't sure how to categorise our music or even if we want to be categorised, it comes from so many different places, but for the first time we felt as if we were a part of something. All of these guys were friendly and genuinely interested in what we were doing and we thought they were great too.

Does the internet make it easier to promote the band, or does it mean you are now lost in a bigger pond?

I think it works both ways. Myspace has been good in terms of contacting other bands and getting our music out there but I think it's wise not to expect too much.

How happy are you with the new album?

For me personally it feels like a landmark. I've never been involved in making an album before, but we're all excited about it. Nine of the songs were recorded in a day several months back, and we recently recorded three new tracks to bring it up to a respectable album's worth of material. It's a document of our development and it sounds great.

Are your songs all LBT compositions, or have you dredged your back catalogues?

They are all our songs although we are considering a cover or two.

Have you had any interest from the music establishment, re: deals and gigs?

As far as gigs go, we haven't actually played that many so far and most of them have been close to home. We were offered one at The Junction in Cambridge earlier this year, that's the biggest venue we have played to date and we are looking for gigs in London so if there is any one out there who can offer us something, get in touch. No major record deals, although we haven't exactly been looking for one. The CD will be put out on a small label called Lap Records that has been set up by Mr Jason at Old School Studios in Norfolk, where we make all our recordings. It will be a limited edition of 300, the studio is financing it, and it's perfect for us at this stage.

Which current artists do you listen to?

I thought Grinderman's debut album was pretty cool, we like The Raveonettes too but there's nothing recent that I've heard that I find that exciting.

**the end**

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