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Long Decline's punky folk music is made by mainman Kenny Wisdom, along with a host of famous mates including Mark Perry, Vic Godard, Gina Birch, Jowe Head, Sexton Ming and Karl Blake. We can't see it ever troubling the mainstream, but we need the Long Decline more than ever in these time of corporate rules adherence.
No Class talks to Kenny Wisdom at his North London mansion.

Dec 06

1. What's your favourite punk rock song?

I can't choose one, but one out of Anarchy in the UK by Sex Pistols, Love Lies Limp by Alternative TV, Nobody's Scared by Subway Sect or Typical Girls by The Slits.

2. Which three well known people would you invite for tea?

Assuming I could have dead people, William Burroughs, Gore Vidal and Orson Welles.

3. Where would you rather go, to the moon or the bottom of the sea, and why?

The moon would be pretty dull after a few minutes. I would like to see all the weird animals at the bottom of the sea.

4. What surprises are there in your record collection?

Lots of folk. I'm listening to a lot of Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention. A few hippy things like Jefferson Airplane: I really like Paul Kantner's stuff with them. Some country, blues etc.

5. Which current bands do you listen to?

None. I'm sure there must be good stuff out there but I'm not hearing it. All the indie bands I hear are predictable, conservative, apolitical and bland. All the pop music I hear is dull and lifeless. All the supposedly cutting edge stuff was done better 30 years ago. Maybe I'm sounding old but I think popular music is in a cul de sac and can't get out. We need a 2006 version of punk rock to sweep the decks clear.

6. How has Tony Blair affected you, since 1997?

I used to vote Labour but not any more. I have always thought that all politicians were puppets controlled by big business but that Labour were slightly better than the others. Now Labour has made this country a poodle of US imperialism I won't vote for them.

7. What's the weirdest place Long Decline has performed and what was it like?

A chaotic Mad Pride gig when the organiser was paralytic and the PA was stone age. I had just said to the crowd this is our last song when this guy walked on stage and told me to say that we were doing our last song. I said I have already just said this and said 'Now get off my fucking stage.' He attempted to headbutt me, missed and was dragged away. It turns out he was the drummer for the next band and we were using his drum kit. His girlfriend came up to me later and said we were one of the best bands she had ever seen and invited me over to their house for a 'jam' session, whatever that is. I didn't go.

8. If you remove rhythm from music does it become sound art?

Can you remove rhythm from music? As our hearts beat there is rhythm.

9. What's the best present you've ever been given?


10. What is Long Decline currently doing?

We have a new album out on the 26th Febuary 2007 called Decomposure on Sniffin' Glue records. We shall be doing some gigs around that time. I think it's our best album. Special guests on the album include Vic Godard, Mark Perry, Jowe Head, Sexton Ming.

**the end**

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