The Petticoats

No Class first heard the one person 'band' The Petticoats' in 1980 doing a post punk, 3 track John Peel session ( Dream / Paranoia / Life-No ) on which Stef Petticoat is the only musician, playing drums, bass, guitar and singing as well, but it's the Amy & the Angels track (I Hate Being In Love) from the Making Waves compilation that made a lifelong impression. Stef stuff has now resurfaced on the ubiquitous myspace site, she's been covered by Times New Viking, and now, a No Class feature-ette .....

Jul 08

What's your favourite punk rock song?

There are so many! I cannot decide. I think Patti Smith's Free Money was the first who blew my mind. Then The Sex Pistols, Ramones, Fall, Au Pairs, ATV, etc.

Can you tell me about any interest from major record labels?

Nothing received.

What did your family think of your records?

They were happy for me but at the same time worried over my financial future. Rightly so!

Is the world ready for a Petticoats revival?

Some people tell me yes, but I don't believe in a revival. I am surprised though, about the amount of fans I have, especially in the USA.

Who do you listen to, musically?

A wide variety of music, old punk stuff - I love my old John Peel tapes, old soul, Amy Winehouse, indie stuff like Times New Viking, The Gossip, newer Women's music like Le Tigre, etc., swing.

Are any of your old records still available?

The Petticoats single is. I am currently selling them to various record shops and individual people. A few Scaling Triangles are also around.

Will you gig again?

I sing in a soul choir and have gigs with them. I hope to do the occasional gig with my last band 69 Lies.

Do you remember the Androids of Mu? Are you still in touch with anyone from the band?

I do remember them. Their singer Corrina had the idea of the Making Waves compilation. I have lost contact with them.

The track list for the Making Waves compilation is below.

Stef sang with Amy & the Angels, on track 2.

1 Belles - You told me a lie
2 Amy & The Angels - I hate being in love
3 Ministry of Marriage - Twin
4 Tango Twins - Life Support
5 Nancy Boys - So easy
6 Sisterhood of Spit - Hold tight
7 Gymslips - Midnight city
8 Mistakes - Romance
9 Androids of Mu - Bored housewives
10 Guest Stars - Sometimes the blues is right
11 Real Insects - In the ruins of your body
12 Rock Goddess - Make my night

Discography to follow

**the end**

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