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Spaceships and aliens ....

July 06

1. Did you ever get lost as a child and what happened?
Yes, all the time and I'm still looking for myself today. I believe I might still be lost on Wimbledon Common in search for a rare Womble but that's questionable.

2. Have you ever eaten a strong cheese before you went to sleep and what was the consequence?
This is a question that works differently between single people and partners. As I only exclusively dream of space ships and aliens attacking, I don't think any strong cheese has manifested itself in a creative dream manner but if you were to ask my wife for other aromatic manifestations she might argue otherwise.

3. Do you see the internet as a collection of abandoned warehouses, the information super highway, or something else?
It's more like a battery operated toy train, with stations run by all manner of bizarre characters, occasionally on strike, with alternative fare structures, and tracks that often need repairing.

4. If you remove rhythm from music does it become sound art?
I sincerely hope so, but please don't share my secret formula with the world at large. Then again if you install Robbie Williams in a museum and entitle the work Unstructured Deconstruction Series Number 7, Mixed Media, does that make it Art too?

5. What's the best present you've ever been given?
I'd like to say the gift of life but perhaps my wife painted as a replica of Munch's The Scream.

6. What's the weirdest place you've performed and what was it like?
Given my eclectic career it's the true life performances that have proved more surreal than ones imagination - how about in a working morgue in a French hospital, 20 KM of beach in Rimini Italy over the public speaker system, or at a body building fare in Sao Paulo Brazil.

7. As you live in George Galloways constituency, do you think he should/shouldn't have gone on Big Brother and why?
Who's George Galloway? What's Big Brother?

8. Classical composers write down their music for other people to perform. Do you write down a score of any sort for your music to be performed in the future or is your music a one-off like a painting, of the time it was created, unable to be repeated?
God forbid. Why would anyone honestly wish to recreate any of my works. I'd be out of a job :-) I've actually collaborated with contemporary music ensembles who like to read off scores so that's proved an interesting challenge.

9. What surprises are there in your record collection?
Oooh, too too many. Everything from a rare Spiderman soundtrack album from 1977 signed by Stan Lee to an expansive spoken word collection of contemporary poetry.

10. Where would you rather go, to the moon or the bottom of the sea
and why?
As a confessed voyeur I imagine the view from the top, i.e the moon, would offer a lot more personal reward, and of course, given that's it made of cheese plentiful food supplies whilst watching the world at work and play.

**the end**

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