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Steve Lake

Zounds released some excellent 45s. Their classic singles, Demystification and Great White Hunter, sound as good today as when they were first released all those years ago. Today, Steve Lake, the mainman from those 80s anarcho punks talks to No Class. Here's what he said...

April 06

1. What three people would you invite round for tea and why?

Captain Beefheart, Mark E Smith and the Pope. I can't see them getting on but it would certainly be interesting.

2. What's your favourite punk rock song, and why?

Rebellious Jukebox by The Fall. Spiky, angular, true and with a great tune and lyrics.

3. If music be the food of love, what's the recipe?

Leonard Cohen and The Cramps. Mmmmm..

4. When you write a song is it the music first then the lyrics, the lyrics as a poem without music, a mixture of the two or a different process altogether?

Works all ways. Sometimes the lyrics stand up without the music but mostly not.Sometimes I know exactly what I am trying to say, other times it just comes out and I work it out later.

5. If you could travel to either the future or the past which would you choose and why?

The past is pretty scary but the future seems to be getting worse all the time. In heaven it is 1973 forever. That's where I would go.

6. If you could miniaturise something, what would it be and why?

The Pentagon and all the people in it. Then they would do less harm.

7. Who was your best friend from Crass, and why?

I wouldn't say we ever approached anything aproximating friendship. Mandy, my girlfriend, was better friends with them than me. I think they thought I was a silly rock'n'roll child.

8. Do you prefer chocolate or chips and give reasons?

Hard choice. Chips are great, especially if you have a bar of chocolate straight after.

9. Describe your music using animals.

Duck Bill Platypus crossed with a Two Toed Sloth. Obscure, weird but basically friendly and harmless.

10. How has Tony Blair affected you, since 1997?

He is so annoying I have been irritated for the last 10 years. He has made me worried that all the - limited - freedoms we have are under attack. The Labour Party are an insidious, malevolent force masquerading as a caring party. I can't wait to see the back of them: presumably it will soon be illegal to say such things.

**the end**

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