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June 06

1. Do you consider yourselves to be a London band?

No, because originally we came from Summer Isle, off Scotland, where they filmed The Wickerman.

2. What musical heritage does the band take inspiration from?

Mainly classic and experimental such as The Doors to God Speed You Black Emperor.

3. Has there been a 'golden age' of music for you?

Two periods. The late 70s to early 80s post-punk and new wave, and the early 90s indie rock & grunge.

4. What is your ambition for the band?

To visit as many countries and scenes as possible and to open the doors of perception.

5. Can you state the subject matter(s) that influence your songs?

Love, loss, laughter. Mainly the dark side of our minds. We get together and try to scare each other as much as possible then we collaborate to write a song.

6. Do you watch soaps?

We like Garth Marenghi's Darkplace and Alan Partridge but Iím not sure those count as soaps. Our drummer likes soap on a rope.

7. Is your manager from the Malcolm McLaren school of management, or just an extra band member?

A friend! But sometimes your best friend can be your worst enemy as they know everything about you, ah har.

8. Have you made records or done gigs with previous bands?

The last bands we were in were C64 and Bloc Party.

9. Where do you go for a day at the coast.

New Quay, Watergate Bay, you get great waves there and it's quiet.

10. What three people would you invite round for tea and why?

Philip K Dick for him to explain his books. Jim Morrison for a whisky. Marilyn Monroe to make it a ghost trio!

11. Which well known person do you always put on your guest list?

Russell from Bloc Party and some actor thatís in Coupling.

12. Describe your music using animals.

Definitely love cats and cagey tigers.

13. What's your favourite punk rock song?

Siouxsie & the Banshees - Metal Postcard, or Sex Pistols - Bodies.

14. How has Tony Blair affected you, since 1997?

Quiet a lot as we were really anti the war, however it must be a tricky for him to know what to do all the time! How do we solve all the problems? I think the most important issue is saving the environment, as without that, future generations have nothing. Politics is an extremely difficult subject though and itís very to know the truth about what really goes on.

**the end**

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